I am a good example of what is referred to as a “boomerang kid”. I had a very rewarding childhood here growing up, but my family moved out of state for several years before life eventually led me back to the Wausau area again 20 years later. So what brought me back?

After finishing college at UW-Platteville, I moved to Madison for the next 10 years. My profession was always in financial services and mortgage lending, but my passion was growing for larger investment banking and real estate transactions. Knowing that both my parents were going to retire in central WI or further north, Wausau was on my radar as a potential market opportunity to expand. This area is prime for commercial and residential development for many years to come and has promises of a very exciting future. Eventually an opportunity presented itself with Intercity State Bank, a true community bank that is hyper-focused on serving the greater Wausau area.

In addition to my professional goals, there was another variable in play. While living in Madison, I met an amazing person here in Wausau and we began our relationship together. Although the career opportunity was perfect for my ambitions, I would not have made the move to Wausau if it were not for Shanna. Shanna is the most wonderful woman that I could have ever even imagined, and Wausau is such a great place to raise a family. Looking ahead, I saw the ability to provide my family with the same great opportunities that were provided for me. I had the career I wanted and the woman of my dreams. The decision to make the move was easy.

Wausau is certainly a smaller community when compared to other cities. I loved living in Madison and experiencing everything it had to offer, but I did not feel engrained with the community. I felt more like a number, just a person who simply lived there. Wausau feels more like home. In Wausau, I feel like I am part of something bigger. You can experience a real sense of connection here and be involved with orchestrating positive change. Wausau is also such a philanthropic community. Having also lived in other parts of the country, it’s really impressive to see the depths that this community supports and invests into itself. It’s exciting to be a part of that because the people here are so focused on making the area a better place to be.

Since moving here, Wausau continues to present more and more opportunities. I’ve become involved in several organizations and non-profits including the United Way, Big Brothers Big Sisters, the River District, Builders Association, Real Estate Investors Association, and more. I actively attend various meetings at City Hall and have been very engaged with the Chamber of Commerce. I cannot say enough positive things about the Wausau Chamber and our local business leaders. The growth minded, culturally changing leadership that is being put forth is SO impressive. Wausau is growing and it has so many assets to promote. We have a nationally recognized Main Street program and downtown, bustling lake life and developing riverfront, remarkable options for outdoor recreation, and wonderful arts and culture. The Grand Theater, Woodson Art Museum, Curling Center, and Rib Mountain are only but a handful of true gems. The Wausau area provides me the perfect opportunity to use my talents and passions to continue developing and help grow the community. More importantly, Wausau area provides me the best environment for planning and raising my future family. Wausau is the total package.