TIF Development

City Assistance and Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Guidelines for City of Wausau

The proposed development should be consistent with and reinforce all City plans and lead to 1) the creation of jobs through new business development, and the attraction, retention and expansion of existing business and/or 2) the consolidation and redevelopment of underutilized properties to eliminate blight and generate value growth.















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Goals, Objectives and Strategies

  1. Economic Development
    • Create Jobs through Attraction, Retention, Expansion of Existing Business
    • Create Jobs through New Business Development
    • Add Value to Properties to Increase Tax Base
    • Strategies to Support Economic Development
      • Upon demonstrating that "but for" TIF a project could not otherwise be built; provide financial assistance to new and existing businesses whose projects create living wage jobs
      • Improve the public infrastructure
      • Support development of industrial sites and business parks to attract new industries and provide suitable locations for expansion and relocation of existing industries
  2. City Revitalization
    • Blight Removal
    • Urban In-fill
    • Historic Revitalization
    • Adaptive Re-use
    • Affordable Housing
    • Higher Standards of Building Design and Materials
    • Strategies to Support Revitalization
      • Improve the public infrastructure
      • Upon demonstrating the "but for," provide TIF assistance to private development projects that:
        • Provide a variety of housing choices, through renovation and rehabilitation of existing buildings and higher-density new construction in selected areas to increase the number and diversity of downtown residents
        • Stimulate the rehabilitation or removal of deteriorated or dilapidated buildings and the creation of mixed-use in-fill redevelopment
        • Provide the full range of basic neighborhood goods and services
        • When feasible, provide assistance to businesses that create a significant number of living wage jobs
        • Provide transportation linkages and other urban amenities
        • Advance housing objectives of the Wausau Comprehensive Plan

The City of Wausau welcomes your investment. Developers who seek City Assistance and TIF should meet with City and Community Development staff in advance of an application.  The TIF/City Assistance Application should include the following:

  • Detailed summary of the nature of the business, proposed plans, and requested assistance
  • Project description, purpose of loan and expected benefits.  Include cost estimates for building improvements and other capital expenditures, as well as the ratio of total project cost versus the amount of equity invested by owner
  • Three-year cash flow projections
  • TIF Application Fee
  • Profit and loss statement for the past three years (if applicable)

The City is not obligated to make a TIF assistance recommendation or conclude negotiations in the event that information has not been presented to its satisfaction or the proposed project lacks feasibility.

City Council approval is required for all TIF Applications that result in a Development Agreement.
 TIF Flowchart

The process for approving funds within a current TID (or within a 1/2 mile radius of an existing TID) may take up to 60 days for final approval.  Developers may request TIF funds outside of a Tax Incremental District, but the City of Wausau requires an additional 60 days to allow for an amendment to TID boundaries.

TIF Application

Fillable .pdf TIF Application