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Tuesday, March 28, 2017
Riverfront Development

Riverfront Development

Riverfront Aerial
Photo Courtesy Daily Herald Media/Dan Young

The City of Wausau welcomes development proposals for over 16 acres of city owned land along our East Riverfront urban waterfront immediately north of Downtown Wausau.





View East Riverfront Brochure (PDF)


Our East Riverfront Redevelopment Area is the next-generation of Wausau's successfully revitalized urban waterfront along the Wisconsin River.  The area is located within the City’s funded tax increment finance district #3 with a range of City incentives and partnership opportunities available. 

We are currently completing an extensive river’s edge trail system, finishing miles of landscaped park amenities, building extensive ramp and surface parking facilities and creating parcels of all sizes for your restaurant, entertainment, residential, commercial office and mixed-use development opportunity. 

It's clear why Wausau has achieved an A+ livability score and why Wausau is the ideal home for your investment.  

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