Sustainability, Energy and Environment Committee


The Sustainability, Energy and Environment Committee was created to act as an advisory body to the Common Council in the development of policies, programs and decisions that affect the relationship between the City and the environment.  The relationship between the built environment and the natural environment has a major effect on the quality of life.  The Committee researches, advises and recommends to the City Council policies and programs that advance sustainability in Wausau.


To Be Determined


The Committe is comprised of seven members including one alderperson appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the Common Council.  Members serve three year terms and should be actively involved as business representatives from a sustainability industry.

Committee Members


Term Expires

Patrick Peckhan (Ald) 2018 Term of Office
Lisa Siewert 2018 2022
Mary Kluz 2018 2022
Paul Kage 2018 2021
Claire Meney 2018 2021
Benjamin Lee 2018 2020