Landmarks & Districts

To explore City of Wausau landmarks and historic districts please click on the map below.


The following properties are designated as local historic landmarks:

309 McClellan Street, Wausau Club, (Wausau Museum of Modern Art)
403 McIndoe Street, Cyrus Yawkey House (Marathon County Historical Society)
215 West Thomas Street, Old Engine #4 Fire House
529 North Third Street, La Prima Deli
114 Grand Avenue, Elmergreen Building
317 North First Street, Federal Building (Federal Building Lofts)
812 Grant Street, Lyman Thayer House
621 North Second Street, St. James Catholic Church
408 Seymour Street, St. Mary's Catholic Church
324 East Wausau Avenue, Athletic Park Granite Wall and Front Entrance
708 Fulton Street, 1936 Portion of Wausau East High School (East High Apartments)
209 Washington Street, Chicago-Northwestern Railroad Depot 
720 Grant Street, Milwaukee Road Depot (Timekeeper Distillery)
502 McClellan Street, St. Stephen Lutheran Church
500 River Drive, Oak Island Park Fieldhouse
904 Grand Avenue, Duey Wright House
1224 Highland Park Boulevard, Charles Manson House
1201 Stewart Avenue, Marathon Park Exhibition Center, Judging Pavilion and Barns 1 & 2
915 Grand Avenue, Nathan Orr House
912 Grand Avenue, Louis Marchetti House
1201 Stewart Avenue, Big Kitchen and Stone Entrance Structures of Marathon Park
1221 Sumner Street, Stone Shelter Structure of Pleasant View Park
600 Island, Barker Stewart Island
407 Grant Street, Wausau City Hall
1203 North Third Street, Glass Hat
1701 Grand Avenue, Egyptian Mausoleum
1501 Grand Avenue, Pine Grove Cemetary Gatehouse
818 North First Street, F.O. Crocker House
908/910 North First Street, Douglas Sauerbering House
902/904 North First Street
311 Ethel Street, Lustron House

The following are designated as historic districts:

Downtown (99 properties)
Andrew Warren (60 properties)
Easthill Residential (163 properties)
Highland Park (48 properties)