Entrepreneurial and Education Center

Wausau Business Development Center100 North 72nd Avenue,
Wausau, WI 54401

The Entrepreneurial and Education Center (EEC) helps business grow by…

1. Assisting entrepreneurs in starting and developing new businesses.

  • Do you have questions about starting a business?
  • Do you need to develop a business plan?
  • Do you need information on financing options?
  • Do you have concerns about regulations?

2. Providing expansion space to new and existing local business
If your new business entails light manufacturing or provides services to other businesses, the EEC has very affordable rental space available. Charges are based on square footage occupied with heat and light included. Both office space and manufacturing space is available.

3. Creating business partnerships
By sharing services, businesses in the EEC work together to help all succeed. The services of the Center can also reduce your initial capital expenditures. These services include: loading docks, forklift, fax machine, copier, meeting space, parking, common break/lunch area. Other advantages include management assistance, common area custodial service, small business networking.

If you are starting a light manufacturing business or one that provides services to other businesses, and are interested in exploring leasing space in the Incubator, the following are needed:

  • A completed business plan (EEC will help)
  • A completed Application Form
  • Evidence of Insurance

After Community Development reviews the documents and makes a recommendation to the Board of Directors, the Board will review the information and make the final decision as to whether or not the Center will enter into a lease agreement.

The Wausau EEC is owned by the City of Wausau. Oversight is provided by an active Board of Directors.

For more information, call Romey Wagner at 715-848-2016, or visit their website.