Wausau Skyline
Wausau Cityscape - including First Wausau Tower

"Top 10 Job Market for 2018" ZipRecruiter
#2 Best City for Biking PeopleForBikes
 "#1 Best Small City for Business Services Jobs" New Geography 
"The Middle-Class Paradise" 
"Safest Metro Area in the Midwest" FBI 
"Top 10 Safest Cities in Wisconsin" Safe Home 
"Highest Average Credit Score" USA Today  
"#23 Best Place to Work in Manufacturing" Smart Asset
"10 Best Cities for Return on Salary" Career Cast
"10 Cities That Give You The Best Bang For Your Buck" Forbes  
"#1 for Business in Wisconsin, #3 among Small Metro Areas" Area Development

Wausau gained notoriety with early Wausau Insurance (now part of Liberty Mutual) advertisement tag lines like “the fishing’s good near Wausau” and “it’s only a stone's throw to where the deer run”. The campaign grew to be the largest advertiser on a newly-created television series called 60 Minutes.  Different from the big city insurers, our brand was symbolized by our historic train depot- a welcoming, frontier home.   

Every community talks about quality of life and caring citizens, Wausau is a community literally crafted around that sharing of risk and mutual success instilled in the insurance industry from frontierspeople and lumberjacks living their motto of “good people to do business with”.

Wausau- Location

Wausau is the principal city and transportation hub of Northern and Central Wisconsin and gateway to Wisconsin’s Northwoods. Wausau anchors a growing combined metropolitan statistical area of over 308,000 people. Our expanding businesses remain strong with nationally — and globally — recognized firms in diverse fields including: building materials, advanced manufacturing, healthcare, information technology and insurance. 

Wausau’s recently expanded Business Campus now includes over 1,000 acres of commercial and industrial properties, tens of thousands of employees and is home to our Entrepreneurial and Education Center (EEC) incubator with over 30 tenants. 

Wausau- Amenities

Wausau is the physical, economic, healthcare, social and cultural heart of Northern and Central Wisconsin. Wausau is home to the largest hospital, largest performing arts theater, and largest public events in nearly 100 miles.  Our thriving Wausau River District is alive with local and national retail, entertainment and major offices surrounding our landmark “400 Block” public square. Our revitalized urban waterfront along the Wisconsin River, aptly named “Riverlife”, encompasses more than 16 acres of new mixed use entertainment, office and residential developments ongoing along an extensive trail and parkland system.

Wausau is one of the state's highest grossing areas for tourism, boasting all-season recreational opportunities that include Wisconsin's largest ski mountain at Granite Peak, one of the nation's premiere curling facilities, outstanding mountain and snow bike trails, an internationally recognized whitewater kayaking course and serves as host city to the Olympic-style Badger State Games.  Annually millions of visitors enjoy all that Wausau has to offer.

Wausau- Partnership

Wausau is proud of a long track record of public-private partnerships for development which includes many successful Tax Increment Financing (TIF) supported projects, support for business incubation and entrepreneurship, and development programs like our Live It Up Wausau homesteading program which provides no interest loans for local employees to purchase homes.  The City along with our business leaders and local foundations are committed to quality economic development and proactive redevelopment as partners, we are pleased to welcome you Home to Wausau.


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